We have this huge garage out back with a ‘shed’ attached to it.  That is where tools, paint, ladders, and everything else manly lived.  Husband quickly named it the Man Shed for what reason would ladies ever have to enter?;)  A few months ago he said he wanted to start redoing the Man Shed, finish it off, drywall, lighting, bar…  I hardly looked up from what I was doing said ‘uh-huh’ and the next thing I knew things started arriving on an almost daily basis from Amazon.  TVs, speaker cables, lighting, woofers, barware, and I recognized that clearly I should have taken him seriously from the start.

Here is what the Man Shed looked like after he took all the man stuff out of it:

man shed before shot


Intrigued?  I sure was.

To see where we go from this, click here.

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