So I’m helping my BFF redo her master bedroom and because we are besties it is a bit challenging. We like to talk, laugh, drink, shop, eat, etc… let’s just say we can get sidetracked. For example… here is her current chaotic bedroom. That tiny alcove is a dormer window that has a gorgeous water view. We’ve decided that is the BEST spot in the room. So to achieve our goal of maximum calmness she should sit looking out that window as much as possible… SO we are putting her makeup table there. Putting our faces on can take some TIME!;)

Right now there is a dresser in that nook blocking the best view in the room! So it has to move.

Remember we talked previously about the bones of the room and if we block those our brain gets confused and doesn’t know what to focus on? Well that window is most definitely blocked by that dresser. Easy fix, move it and put in very specifically sized desk/makeup table. We only have a 41.5″ width in that nook which is a small desk. We start a Pinterest board and it begins very organized and focused, we are down to business. But pretty soon we are in desk finding frenzy, this desk fits we both look at it and like it but is sold out soon after we pin it! In a frenzy we buy the desk below from Wayfair. The width is perfect for that space and will almost fill it making it seem like a built in. And it has this cool dual functionality of the bottom bit that can slide out, I’m a sucker for furniture pieces that can live double lives.

After buying it we relax our desk finding fury and I wake up in the middle of the night, what about the height?! Surely with that double desk part it will be higher than normal desks and will block the already low window sill at 29″. Bones! Don’t block the bones! Is no one listening to me?;)

Sure enough, it is too high. A standard desk height at 30″ is already going to sit 1 inch higher than the window sill. And what is another 4.5 inches, you ask? It’s a lot actually when you want the view to be prominent and not have your eye fighting with the window vs the desk. Size matters.

Pause for inappropriate joke I won’t tell.

So we cancelled desk and bought a better sized one that won’t live a double life but will live its single life to the fullest.

Moral of the story, there are a LOT of factors that go into creating a calm relaxing space. And sometimes you can get so laser focused on one detail that you forget about the others. I like to compare interior design to brain surgery which I know nothing about. BUT, I do know that brain surgery MUST be difficult. Now clearly the picking of the incorrect desk is not a life or death matter, so the stakes in brain surgery are clearly higher, duh. But EXACTLY like brain surgery (which again I know nothing about yet feel I might actually know a little bit about because of Grey’s Anatomy) you need to have a plan of attack. The room needs a plan. Plan out the specifics of the pieces you need for the room and always keep coming back to the plan. If you deviate from the plan your goal may not be achieved. Here, our room won’t have maximum calmness as opposed to possible brain death. Which is way more dire, yes. But this is a room in which you spend more than half your life! Having a chaotic, crazy not calming space to retreat to at the end of our very chaotic days, that seems pretty dire to me.

See, EXACTLY like brain surgery.;)

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