And for the Walls



I grouped some pinup girl shots we had together over the settee, simple:

art over the settee

The elk head was one of our first purchases together, it is wired for electricity but we have always just put candles in her.

animal head

We wanted some other type of animal head things for the wall, but he wasn’t enamored of the big faux white heads that you see everywhere and the ones that looked real or were real were too unnerving and not the vibe he was going for in an attempt to attract the ladies.;)  So I picked up these for the wall from ebay and amazon, the two on the right are resin and the funny guy on the left is a jackalope made with goat fur and plastic, he just cracked me up:

animal heads mounted on wall

Come out a bit wider and you can see the all important TV smack dab in the middle of the room.  But do you notice the smaller TV to the left of it?  And would you believe there is another one to the right?  They all play the same exact thing, you can just view them from different angles.  When he said he wanted three TVs in this room that would maybe fit 5-6 people comfortably at once I asked him what he had been smoking.  But then he told me what you could get small noname TV screens for and I was like ‘go for it’… I mean really, why deny him this at this point.  If we are doing this thing we have to go big or go home, right?

The TV wall in the man cave

Notice the gorgeous curtains above, I added a panel on the bottom to a pair of curtains from Target on clearance.  Aren’t they gorge?  I love them.

To round out the artwork in the Man Shed I also picked up this guy made with chicken feathers over plastic, you seriously can find anything on ebay, and the jar to the left was from an estate sale we filled it with the hops Hubs is growing in the back:

faux hawk

Oh, and above that guy is this great owl picture thing I bought at an estate sale, love this thing!

owl pic

And here is what that shelf and artwork look like together, can you spy the speaker mounted on the wall yet hidden by the shelf, we are wired for sound of course:

shelf with art

The mirror over the door literally just came out of our bathroom yesterday, it is angled and it looks pretty cool up there.

mirror over door


More Man Cave here.

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  1. Jennifer March 6, 2012 at 2:53 PM Reply

    My grandmother had that owl picture! Wow…talk about bringing back memories. 🙂

    • cdmader March 6, 2012 at 3:17 PM Reply

      Makes sense, bought that at an estate sale, love him.;)

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