How to Hire

Your home is your haven, your safe place, when you wake up in your home you should smile. If you are like most people, this may not be the case. I can fix that! I work with clients to determine their style and design rooms that reflect their personality, rooms that FEED THEIR SOULS.

I suggest we start with a Design Kick Start of a single room, living or bedroom perhaps? I will assess your personal style, along with that of your family, they need to be happy as well, right? Although one of my favorite tenets is ‘Happy Wife, Happy Life.’

We talk about how you want the room to feel. We talk about colors, we look at inspirational photographs, we discuss the way you live, we look at pieces you already own and love or hate for that matter. I go off with all this information and wave my magic wand and VOILA!  I come up with a design plan. If only it were that easy, you would have done it already, right?

I come up with a plan that meets your needs and personality. I suggest furniture placement, I suggest new or repurposed items. I suggest paint colors, fabrics, lighting, decorative items… everything you need to make your room reflect you and once finished will make you happy to be in that room. This typically takes about four to five hours. The price for this type of design consultation is $500.

Need more? For example you need a new kitchen or bath, I can do the layout along with plans. Or you don’t have time to make it happen after we develop a design plan, I can make it happen for you. Call me at 415.218.0142 or send me an email at and let’s get started!