This current master bedroom space is the exact opposite of CALM. Your eye has no idea what to look at and thus your brain is MAXIMALLY CONFUSED! It’s ok, we can fix that, right? We got this! We totally know what to do! Right??! Again, if you aren’t hanging on my every word I really can’t help you. So LISTEN UP!

That low wide dresser is blocking that corner of the window there. We got this! See the dresser in that dormer window? That will go there! Luckily we already have that piece and are going to paint it to make it brand new to us and introduce a pop of color into the room whose walls, trim and ceiling will be white so everything will fade into the background.

Just moving that tall dresser out of that dormer window nook will create more light in the space. Won’t that be the most perfect makeup table nook?! I talked about our trials and tribulations on finding the perfect piece for that area here.

So we have the perfect piece, it belonged to her grandmother and we are going to paint it! Nothing makes me happier than repurposing a family piece into something new. Let’s remember our inspiration is literally anything from Serena & Lilly.

So she is going to paint the dresser some type of blue! She has enlisted the help of her mom who is a pro at chalk painting, hi Patricia. Pat says there is no substitute for Annie Sloan chalk paint, so there you have it.

My resourceful and motivated girlfriend took a trip to her local store that sells Annie Sloan and spoke to the shop owner about colors, technique, etc. and I need some coffee… brb;)

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