My girlfriend recently had major surgery and as I was there helping her recuperate we spent a LOT of time in her bedroom. Mostly we binge watched Dead to Me on Netflix while I doled out pain killers trying not to slip one into my own pocket. Hey Girl!;)

If you haven’t seen Dead to Me, you need to;)

Her house is an adorable Cape Cod with a water view and they plan to do a major renovation ‘some day’ but who knows when that day will come?! She is tired of her ‘teenage’ bedroom with all kinds of furniture just shoved in there because she had it and it fit (kinda). So we are redoing it as is for right now today! Life is too short people! You deserve a nice bedroom right now, this second, TODAY.

Let’s go through the steps I suggest to anyone to improve how your house feels and how it is working for you. It should feel awesome! If it doesn’t, here are the steps to start making it happen:

  1. Find a room in your house that you aren’t utilizing to its best potential. Your house is one of your most valuable assets. Any space you have in that house that is not working for you, it’s just a big waste of time, space and money! Make it work! Thanks Tim Gunn.

So. 1. We are doing the Master Bedroom!

  1. Find your inspiration, it can be anything! A vacation picture that makes you remember an awesome time in life. A floral arrangement that you love. An image of a room that makes you swoon. Anything, just pick something!

Our inspiration is anything Serena & Lilly. This brand speaks to her and is perfect for that on the water Coastal Vibe she is going for.

Image from http://Serenaandlily
  1. After all the waving of arms and the pretty pictures, practically how will this new space actually work for you?

OK, so what do we need to do in this room? Sleep, get dressed, put on face, chill, meditate, connect, read… totally doable!

  1. Next step is to determine a focal point and/or the bones of the room. You will feel relaxed and calm if you tell your eye what to look at. If your eyes don’t have a focal point, or can’t make out the bones of the room your brain is confused. A confused brain is not a calm content brain. The way the room is designed needs to give clear direction to our eyes about where to look, then the signal to our brain is ‘yes, that makes sense’ not ‘I don’t know where/what to look at!’ We want a content brain that understands what it is looking at. This makes for a calm serene surrounding and feeling in our bodies.

So let’s look at the bedroom right now wall by wall. I will start with this window wall that looks out to the backyard. We are in the midst of COVID-19 and quarantine and homeschool and that is TOUGH. Currently there is this bookshelf and printer to print all the kid’s school stuff. Kudos to my girlfriend on making school work happen more easily for her! This homeschooling/virtual schooling business has shaken us all up!

In the picture below I outlined in RED the bones of the room. In order for the space to be calm and serene these bones need to be highlighted and not obstructed otherwise our eyes say to our brain, that makes no sense and a confused brain is not a calm and serene brain. Get it?

bones of the room in RED

In BLUE below I outlined a new piece that might go there, something that doesn’t obstruct the window. Eyes say to brain, that makes sense, I am calm, ahhhhhhhhhhhh;)

New piece that might go under window in BLUE

Currently she has her makeup table on that other wall, very important to us ladies our makeup table;) We are going to relocate that to the best spot in the room where she will have a view of the water while doing her makeup. So that leaves a lovely little corner to put a chair or chaise or something. My drawing sucks but you get the general idea;)

Moving makeup desk makes room for seating in that corner and along that wall. Crappy drawing of chaise in YELLOW

Are you starting to see the vision? Maybe not, but I have some laundry to do;) I’ll be back to talk about the other bits of the room later.

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