bedroom with CDM (3)After a not so long and illustrious career in corporate consulting, I quit my job so I could marry my boss.  It is a long and torrid tale, I won’t bore you with the juicy details, let’s just say corporate life was not my gig. My passion has always been design of some sort whether it be painting a leopard print pattern on my toenails, finding the perfect shoes for an outfit, creating a magnificent necklace for a wedding dress, or designing beautiful, irreverent and  livable living spaces.  Your home is your haven, your safe place and you want to feel good while there.  My rooms make you feel good and once I have completed the interior design process on your home you will feel great in your space.

Let’s also be realistic, your home will not all of a sudden become an escape from all the stresses of everyday life.  I can attest to this as the mom of two kids and the wife to a bull-in-a-china-shop husband.  Life happens.  But while having my recurring daily battle with my 8 year old over what the choices are for breakfast (like all of a sudden they have changed, and wasn’t she here yesterday when I went through the same list??!) I want to do it in a room that makes me happy.  At least when I roll my eyes at her my gaze falls upon the dull shimmer of my beautifully lit tin ceiling and I am renewed, refreshed and ready to re-enter the no win battlefield which is life with an 8 year old.  I feel good in my space and you will too.