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The place needed all kinds of stuff nobody is interested in, but then it started shaping up and I started getting involved.  Drywall, ick.  If you can, hire someone to do this job, it is a real pia.  The only benefit of me doing all the mudding and sanding is that I am now a pro and can go stand at the corner of Home Depot for a day job if need be.  Note all the wires hanging out of the walls, must haves for sound system I was told.

and even more drywall

Hubby put in a skylight,  I’m just glad he didn’t break a leg doing it!


And then this shot is looking back at the door:

and more drywall

I had no interest in this stage of the game, but then came the color selection and I am currently obsessed with teal.  So teal became our accent wall.

accent wall

The rest of the walls are a neutral beige, I toyed with the idea of putting the blue all over but this space is loooooooong and narrow and I didn’t want it to look like a bowling alley.  Here are the swatches I looked at on the wall.  So hard to see, but the swatch on the right is the original color I started with, I picked it from one of those tiny paint chips which was my first mistake.  NEVER DO THAT!  Anyway, it was way too peachy and I hated it and we had 5 gallons and were not going back in for another color.  So to make it more neutral and less peachy I added some of the blue to it, the complement to the peachy and now I love it.

color swatches on the wall

Here this is looking back out the entrance:

Then we put down dark hand scraped engineered hardwood floors.  I have no pictures of this process because we were too busy yelling at each other to remember to take pictures.  Then hubby trimmed out the door, the windows, and put in baseboards.  And Voila!

finished man cave project

Details to follow… don’t show your husbands because they will want a Man Shed of their own, but the jury is still out, it may turn out to be the best thing for a relationship.;)

Check here for more Man Shed details.

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