So, Miss Scarlett has come out of the closet and is now in a full fledged big girl’s room. I am in the midst of decorating it and certain decisions MUST BE MADE.

I already have purchased the fabulous hot pink Liberty of London lamp shades from Tarjay, those will flank the bed with old timey gold lamp bases. I also purchased the crazy fun pillow in the upper right hand corner which is so much more gorgeous than the picture and the back is hot pink velvet, also from the lovely Liberty folks at Tarjay!

The walls are a pale pinky purply color, pale pale but a bit muted, not too crazy PINK. The ceiling is a pale blue. I also bought a couple of other throw pillows, the owl from Targay and the big hot pink floral pillow from Ikea. There is a white cabinet thing with glass doors which will house toys I think, need some bins in there to hide the mayhem. Quelle decisions you ask, everything looks gorge!;) Well, I seem to have no issues deciding on the little things, but then I have a whole mess of little things and can’t find the big things to work in the room. One might have better luck if one were to START with the bigger things and design around them, but not this one.;)

SO, I have decided to make an upholstered headboard. Found some tutorial thing on the internets, took some other chic like 10 minutes. Hubs says he can cut the plywood frame out for me, having never wielded a jigsaw… and the shape I am going to want will probably not be so simple as I am not a simple girl. This is something like what I am thinking, also from Tarjay.
target upholstered headboard

But the fabric is the most fun part of the whole thing, and THAT is something that needs deciding. Reference again the inspiration board, upper left green leopard chenille! Now THAT would be a headboard. I am leaning towards lime green or a golden color. Doesn’t have to be leopard, but I loves me some leopard print. Maybe a damask, or even a solid velvet…

Then I need to decide on bedding… the bedding in the middle of the inspiration board above is Shabby Chic cherry blossoms also from Tarjay, it’s like I don’t shop anywhere else ever. Oh, no wait, I also manage to find my way to Ikea which has this crazy fun bedding available:
Ikea duvet cover

Then there will be curtains and a throw rug to cover the dark hardwood in there, but let’s think first things first here people. Bed: headboard and bedding, discuss. And no comments about how only a crazy person would put all that craziness in one room. YOU might not do it, sure. But I will. AND it will look fabulous, just tell me I can’t and I will find some more craziness to shove in there in an attempt to show you how wrong you are.;)

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