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So once we agreed upon the colors and I say ‘agreed upon’ lightly cause really I said how about this and he grunted… we needed some type of inspiration, how did he want it to feel in there.  I threw out hunting lodge and he went 18 steps further and said the Comodore’s house from the HBO series ‘Boardwalk Empire’, think lots of dark hardwood and lots of dead animals:

HBO's Boardwalk Empire Commodore's house

So I started looking at all kinds of animal trophy stuff on ebay… but he was also saying he didn’t want to offend the ladies and did I want to come to the Man Shed for a Courvoisier a la Leon Phelps?  He also started peppering his sentences with ‘freaky deaky’ and that was when I realized he wanted the Man Shed to evolve into the parents escape from the kids shed and a bunch of animals on the wall was not the type of freaky he was thinking about.

The Ladies Man Movie

With this ‘Ladies Man Hunting Lodge’ in mind we went to my favorite consignment store in the east bay Urban Home.  The space is huge, they have tons of stuff and they get new stuff all the time.  Here is the seating area with the settee we picked up there along with a few other manly looking accessories:

Seating area

Here is a closeup on the table, notice how perfectly it fits over the huge bass.  Men and their stereo equipment, it’s all so hideous and somehow you need to hide it in the room.  There is also a pretty good view of the flooring we put down:

table over bass

And here is a super close up of that table, notice the rat which was Scarlett’s contribution to the hunting lodge theme.

sparkly bits


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