The Bar and the Rug

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Hubby wanted a bar in the his new digs…

man cave bar

He had the brilliant idea to turn the original door to the man shed into such bar.  He distressed it and shellacked it and Voila, perfect bar!

The way cool mirror above the bar and the bookshelf thing the bar is built upon below the were acquired from my favorite ‘junk’ store Urban Ore Ecopark in Berkeley.  I find something there every time I go.

mirror on the back of the bar

He really wanted a bearskin rug to put in front of the TV, I’m pretty sure this was what he was going for:

Gil Elvgren Pinup Girl

I ruled out anything in the real animal hide variety as that might actually turn the ladies away which was not what this Ladies Man wanted.  The closest thing in a faux bearskin rug I found was this magnificent creation on etsy from fringe collection but no way no how was I spending 1K on such an item.

fringecollection Bearskin Rug

Loved the look of these zebra striped cowhides from CowHides International, but I didn’t think real was what we were going for.

Zebra Print cowhide rug

Then I stumbled upon these hooked zebra rugs that were clearly faux yet had the shape of a zebra and were damn cute so I immediately purchased it.   That will teach me to buy anything without consulting my ‘client’ again.  Upon showing him he said ‘that thing will never go in my manshed’ and I acquired a new rug for my laundry room!  Turns out he he wanted the real deal so we bought a cowhide rug from Ikea.

zebra hooked rug

Here is a good shot of our cowhide rug as well as a bitty footstool, I think he wanted something more manly although he is man enough to embrace a bit of pompom trim.;)

foot stool cowhide rug


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