It’s beautiful.

I am a self proclaimed bar cart addict.  There is no 12 step program for this particular type of addiction yet I continue to hold out hope;).  This Ken Fulk’s bar cart from Pottery Barn is a STUNNER.  I love everything about it, everything.  Let’s delve, shall we?  IMG_0626

  • The Big Beautiful Wheels!  This baby is built for the long haul, she ain’t messing around.  ‘Jeeves!  I can’t manage to get my girlfriends to head to the dining room, could you please bring the party to us?’  Here comes the party, no big whoo.
  • The adorable shelf railing, official designer speak: Gallery Rails.  None of those precious spirits are going to be falling off this cart.
  • The glass shelves which are Mirrored on the bottom and tempered on the top.
  • The Grand Scale of the cart.  This baby goes in a nice big dining room or maybe a ballroom?  Jeeves!  Where DID he go?

Here is a link to the cart on the Pottery Barn website if you must have it.

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