I had no clue what to do with the silhouettes artist Karl Johnson did of my daughter, Scarlett and my dog, Maverick.  ‘What are you going to do with those?  Where are you going to put that?’  Hubby says when I bring home my latest treasure.  The answer is ‘I don’t know.  Mind your own beeswax!’


They ended up as part of this wall of art where I mixed mirrors and the Silhouette art to create a dramatic wall.   The mirrors are from Target, always something fun to be found there.  The frames and mats are from I think Ikea, another treasure trove of inexpensive finds.  I wrapped the mats with leftover wallpaper from the feature wall that is across from this wall so the walls speak to each other.


Karl will be at Daisy’s in Montclair on this upcoming Tuesday, September 8th if you are interested in getting a silhouette done.  Here is a link to the event if you want to schedule.  He is a fascinating guy.  It takes him FIVE minutes to do a silhouette, not kidding.  I might be tempted to get one of myself, because we all know who my favorite subject is.;)

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