Now you would think with that name the founder would be an honest to goodness Farmgirl, her complete passion for farm grown flowers simply grew organically into a business.  Nope.  Christina, the ‘farm girl’ wanted to start an innovative business ‘that would make a positive impact in the world.’  She had plenty of hairbrained ideas before settling on a completely US sourced model for the floral delivery business.  And lookit the delivery guy on a bike with boatloads of flowers in his basket!  They also deliver via scooter and FedEx if you are outside their two wheel delivery zone.

Farm girl Flowers Delivery Bike

I had the pleasure of receiving Farmgirl Flowers signature Burlap Wrapped Bouquet just the other day.  It knocked my socks off!  Their business model is to do only one daily arrangement which makes the ordering process pretty darn simple and cuts down on waste.  And the bouquet would knock anybody’s socks off, it is simply gorgeous!  My friend said she couldn’t wait to send one to me after receiving one herself and I feel exactly the same way!

Beautiful Bouquet Farmgirl Flowers

Farm girl Flowers Medium sized Burlap Wrapped Bouquet

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