Funky Town



I have been in a funk. Hubby and I have been going through some stuff as all couples do, we like to call it ‘evolving’, evolving, shmevolving, whatever you want to call it, it is not fun. But it looks like we are coming through to the other side of this thing, hoooray! So why the funk you ask? Well now that I don’t have marital issues to focus on, I actually have to look at myself as the source of my malcontentedness (which is actually a word I was surprised to find out). How DARE we get better at this marriage thing so that when I am not happy I can’t blame it on the marriage, I actually might have to blame MY OWN UNHAPPINESS ON MY OWN SELF! Mon Dieux! Incroyable!

I think I am figuring my way out of Funky Town, although Ethan wants us to install a ‘disco ball’ chandelier in our new bedroom, he is all about the funk.  I told him the chandelier costs too much money, and he is trying to wrap his brain around how many pennies are in 43,999.99.  It has free shipping!;)

crystal ball chandelier

Here is to leaving Funky Town, lift your glass and toast with me.  Scarlett and I are having watered down apple juice, you might choose something more exciting.;)


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