Boys will be boys

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This was how my walk to school went this morning with Ethan and Dylan and Scarlett.

Dylan, charming 6 year old girl who lives across the street from us, is chatting about hair and hair styles and outfits and trips to the beach.

Scarlett is busy sticking her tongue out of her mouth and blowing full force and throwing her legs up into the air and holding them with her hands, a trick I did not teach her.;)

And Ethan has chosen his outfit for school today very strategically, it is after all free dress day. He is wearing a button down shirt without a t-shirt underneath and untucked. Not, as I had originally thought to make some kind of hipster cool fashion statement, BUT to have easy access to do armpit farts. The kid is obsessed with ARMPIT FARTS.

As they lined up for school today, you go down the line, everyone is standing there chatting, fiddling with their backpack, you come to Ethan, hand under shirt wildly making ARMPIT FARTS.

Clearly it is necessary to add a new rule to our ever growing list of dinner rules. No playing with food, no singing at the dinner table, etc. We will now have to institute the much needed no armpit farting at the dinner table rule.;)

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  1. moQ July 21, 2008 at 4:52 PM Reply

    I love the stories about Ethan and his adventures. You are a fabulous writer with a great storytelling style. This weekend we will make a movie of Ethan showing us all his talents for your loyal bloggers to watch.

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