I would be Frick, hubs is Frack.  I am exhausted and all I can say is that this whole process is a freakin riot.  Every time we put something on the wall we need to take it down again and redo it.  I finally feel like we are starting to make some progress… the ratio of cabinets that need to be redone vs. cabinets that are up there and perfect is slowly going down.  At one point we had all the cabinets up and all we could think was ‘that one needs to come down, that one needs to come down, so does that one.’

We are also finally figuring these fricken fracken cabinets out… gone are the comments ‘what is this extra piece for?’ after said cabinet is together and on the wall.  If there is an extra piece, the people at Ikea did not include that out of the goodness of their hearts, that piece is probably INTEGRAL to the way the cabinet gets put together!!!  So off the wall the cabinet comes.

OK, I’m exhausted just writing all that, I need to go lie down.;)

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