The kid totally cracks me up.  We spend a day out, we go do something fun like hit the pumpkin patch or have ice cream after school… we have a great time and his way of telling me is to say ‘I don’t want to be adopted today.’  Like every other day in his poor pitiful life he would rather be adopted by another family.  And if he says this in public, the looks I get from other parents, MOTHER OF THE YEAR OVER HERE PEOPLE.;)

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  1. CMK November 6, 2008 at 9:52 AM Reply

    That is classic. Mine is a twist on the theme. After numerous times of chasing her down the street we have reached an agreement with Melissa that she’s not allowed to run away from home until she is in college. She accepted our arguments in principle but it has still resulted in a couple of public conversations that go something like this…

    Me: Honey, remember we talked about this. I know you’re mad but you’re not allowed to run away today.
    Her: OK. But you’re the meanest mommy in the whole world and I’m definitely running away and changing my name when I go to college.
    Me: Fine. Hold my hand and let’s go find .
    Her: OK. After we do that I want to .

    Meanwhile people watching this are shooting me daggers. Whatever. It works for us.

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