Pumpkin Patch Pandemonium



We hit the pumpkin patch this past weekend for the obligatory pictures of cute kids sitting with pumpkins. I of course tried to have some input on our wardrobe choices, but anything I show the least bit of interest in gets shoved into the very BACK of Ethan’s closet by SirLikesToDressHimselfAlot. I should have expected that it wouldn’t be the idyllic visit with my lot, but I guess I was smokin something when I had this vision of frolicking in the pumpkin patch serenely sipping apple cider and singing folksongs.

We get there and meet up with my girlfriend and her two crazy kids. I love hanging out with Eilleen, our kids are about the same level of troublemakers. It is so relaxing to hang with another Mom who understands that we can be in deep conversation yet mid sentence turn and scream ‘ETHAN stop picking your nose!’ or ‘FIONA Stop hitting your brother’ and come right back to the conversation like nothing has occured. It is like Mommy Tourett’s Symdrome, things just fly out at times, we can’t help it.

We hit the ‘petting zoo’ and proceed to feed the goats, which leads to terror in Fiona when her feed is gone and the goat proceeds to eat her Dixie cup. Scarlett thinks the goat feed is for her, eats some, barfs it up, then proceeds to walk around looking eye to eye at the goats saying ‘woof’… And the boys are obsessed with the goats pooping. WTH?

Then we find the bouncy house, after getting bounced out of a ‘private party’ bouncy. Who knew you could have your own personal bouncy house at the pumpkin patch?! And Scarlett found some wheels, here is some video of the pandemonium:

We headed to the haunted house were my 6 year old was terrorized… then we ended up back with the goats and decided we had had enough fun for one day.;)

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