Yes, Lenny.  Yes I am.;)

I recently saw him in concert.  Hubby refuses to let me bum rush the stage any longer, but we got as close as I could without disturbing the masses.  He was wearing a snakeskin blazer, a red plaid fabric sash thing that had his right pec hanging out and some crazy ass silver beaded necklace thing with beads streaming down the front AND the back.  He’s Lenny Freakin Kravitz, so he can pull anything off but the whole outfit made me wonder who styles this man?!

Photo: © Erik Kabik


The man has swagger or as his new album says, he can Strut.

As I’m Googling sir Kravitz purely for more insight into his musical marvelousness with no interest at all in his shirtless torso;) I come across the fact that my man Lenny has a design business!  Of course he does, Kravitz Design!  The pictures of his work are absolutely stunning, go check them out.  I can’t share them here, the internets won’t let me.

And if all that wasn’t enough to satiate my Lenny lust… turns out he has designed a line of home items for one of my favorite stores, CB2!  And they are scheduled to release on October 1st, talk about timing.  Elle Decor says: ‘ The pieces include soft goods, lighting, and furnishings, all imbued with the spirit of the 1970s. “It was a period when high fashion met hippie chic and blended in with rock-and-roll glam,” Lenny says.’  Right on, I say!

Lenny Kravitz CB2 coffee table

Catru Table with and without sheepskin. Photo by Damian Russell

I really wish I needed this coffee table.  It has a removable sheepskin topper or is that a pillow?  Whatever it is, it is perfect for putting your feet up!  I can’t wait to see it in person, four day countdown.  Can we stand it?!!!;)

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