Out and about yesterday I stopped into one the stores I like to visit, West Elm and spied this amazing coffee table.  Check it!

West Elm Terrace Coffee Table

The website says it’s online only, but I promise it was there in my store, see! west elm gold glass coffee table

I have mad love for this coffee table for a few reasons.

  1. The bottom shelf is a mirror, LOVE THAT.  The glass coffee table is a light and airy piece in the room AND the bottom mirror reflects the light back up into the space.
  2. Glass and Gold, need I say more?  I think not.
  3. Storage!  They managed to stick yet another shelf in there!  Never again will you lose the 18 remotes needed to operate the TV/Stereo/Game Console because they will all be stacked neatly in the beautiful storage box (with a lid!) where they belong on the middle shelf of the coffee table.  This theory only works if those in the household put said remotes back into said box which proves difficult for some of us.
  4. The price point, $399, yet on sale right now for $319.

And look, coffee table has a big sister!  Console table, same gorgeous traits.

west elm gold console table

And a bit of googling led me to their big brother!  A desk!

West Elm glass and gold desk

This desk would make the perfect vanity, don’t you think?



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