Mom, you’re so Goth



I painted my toenails last night a deep purplish blue color called Spark by Sally Hansen. Sally Hansen Spark Nail Polish Ethan noticed my toes first thing this morning. He said, ‘it’s very Goth.’ He is SIX! Where do they get this stuff???

I’m all set for fall now with my Goth toes.;)

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  1. CMK September 8, 2008 at 6:41 AM Reply

    At the 10 year old’s soccer game this weekend (yes – she’s 10! can you believe it?) I observed from the sidelines that her coach had her hair down and left as soon as the game was over.

    As I’m driving my child and her teammate home they tell me that their coach had a wedding to go to right after the game. Here’s their report, “That’s why her hair was down AND BRUSHED. And she had on purple eye shadow that made her look kindof pretty but kindof goth too.”

    Curious as to what they think they know I ask “what does goth mean?”. Their response was that goth means you wear black clothes, dark makeup and always have a sour expression on your face because you are unhappy about something. Then they add “But we won so that our coach could be happy at the wedding.”

  2. cdm September 8, 2008 at 9:20 AM Reply

    That is a freakin riot! Kids are so hysterical.

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