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Had dinner last night at the local Mexican place, we were in and out by 6 something but we still managed to create quite a ruckus.  I can’t stop laughing about it.  Short version, 2 moms and 4 kids step into a kid friendly dinner establishment.  After making sure the kids have this that and the other, the moms are tying to also eat, I mean we need to be fed too people!  And if anyone would have sat still at the table for a minute longer another couple of margaritas would have certainly helped.  The kids finish their two bites of rice and beans and start melting down, the moms are hurrying to get the check and collect belongings and shove the last bit of what looked to be a nice dinner into their mouths.  The 2 six year old kids are frolicking with their balloons, frolicking is nothing like acting like wild banshees by the way.;)

The only other diners in the joint after a few scowls towards us say something to the six year olds, as Ethan puts it he was told to ‘go back to his table.’  Which in and of itself is pretty innocent, but hands were placed on the children and the two moms go mental, well actually the mental bit comes later.  Beth, the much more well spoken of the two moms tells the other buttinsky diners, 2 elderly parents out with their grown daughter, that they should speak to her if they have a problem with our kids and not to touch other people’s children, I thought this was all very mild mannered and was actually impressed with her composure, until later.;)  The older gentlemen gets out of his chair and starts walking towards us, he is a big guy, he starts spewing that we should control our children, my big comeback is ‘it’s a public place’… like somehow being in a public place gives us the freedom to let our kids ‘frolic’ about.  I told you she was more eloquent.  Beth then pleads with the man to please have compassion for two frazzled moms, we were trying to get out of there and leave them in peace to finish their chimichangas and the man tells us we need to be better parents!!!  I KNOW, RIGHT?!!  So then I think Beth is gonna throw down with this guy and luckily he retreats and she just spews stuff at him as she storms out, kids in tow… I finish wrapping up Ethan’s hamburger cause this is lunch for tomorrow, clearly I can’t just leave it.;)  And I shove another fry at Scarlett and we head on out telling the diners to enjoy their dinner.

The entire walk home Ethan is telling me that he is behind my back which translates to ‘I’ve got your back, Mom.’  Because clearly we don’t need to be better parents, we are the best mommies in the whole wide world!  Ethan, Scarlett, you come here right now and stop playing in that traffic!!!;) 

The whole thing was quite comical to me, but I don’t think my husband will look at it that way when we try to go to that restaurant again and aren’t greeted with open arms.  And he was really quite fond of their margaritas.  Oh well.

That was not a short version at ALL.  But if you want to read the much more eloquent version go check out Beth’s blog, she puts it all into some kind of zen heaven and hell perspective.

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  1. CMK September 17, 2008 at 8:49 AM Reply

    The part that I love is the double standard around talking to children vs. adults. What’s up with my wife can admonish your child and get in her face but god help it if you talk back to my wife I will get up and try to intimidate you? I mean, I know that the thinking is that they’re only kids and should be “controlled”. But don’t they realize that some kids grow up to be adults with very long memories???

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