Not phat which is good, but fat which is BAD. I ate myself into a frenzy while I was pregnant with Miss Scarlett, but as Ethan says ‘she was born a long time ago and you still have a belly.’ THANKS KID! But he is right. I’ve had the freakin wii fit for 28 days and the line on the graph is not moving and that is pissing me off and causing me not to get on it. I have to eat healthier, Uncle Paul has to stop making chocolate chip cookies and I need to work out more, simple as that. My motivation here is to publicly out myself so I can’t make any more excuses and continue to hide behind my ridiculously cute PR photo. Here was me about 4 years ago:
pr photo carrie d mader
And here was me last night in a dress I love because it is crazy, but look at my middle and that is WITH FULL SPANX on. Ladies, there is only so much you can rely on the Spanx to do, only so much. Lycra is a miracle worker, I agree, but a sausage casing can only take so much pressure, you feel me?;)
rod and carrie
Here is a model in that dress, not completely fair to compare myself to a model who is probably too damn thin in the first place, but clearly the middle of this dress was not made to fit a tree trunk:
hale bob dress
Here is me after Ethan, I was trying to find something to wear to New York to go to a meeting at In Style magazine and I was buying loads of things bringing them home, taking pictures to figure out how they looked then returning what didn’t work. Rod thought I was mental. Point is, I still had somewhat of a good figure even if I had acquired a new jigglier poochier belly region after the bébé.
goofy suit picture
And here is me way back at my lean and mean fighting weight when I got married. At the rehearsal dinner in my hot Dolce Gabbana suede pants.
rehearsal dinner

I would LOVE to be in the same kind of shape I was back then, not only was I thin (which is a word I would never have used about myself until now when I am clearly NOT) but I had muscles and definition and I was strong and healthy.

SO my goal is to lose 30 pounds. I figure 1-2 pounds a week is a good pace. I might even have to dust off the South Beach books. We did Phase 1 before and it totally kicked my ass and was hard as hell. But I also need to work out, I think for me that is just as important as what I eat. I plan on doing 30 minutes of walking outside with the kids EVERY day and 45 minutes on the wii fit, 6 out of 7 days a week. That should give me a good start, then I can tweak things.

I need to do this for me because I am vain and can’t stand to be FAT. But more importantly, I need to do this for my kids, I need to be healthy and be a good example for them. So wish me luck and tell Uncle Paul no more 2 for 1 ice cream deals at the safeway, k?;)

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  1. Jackie February 17, 2009 at 2:33 PM Reply

    Well, the problem isn’t so much your tubbiness as it is the massive amount of metallic makeup you have on in that photo with the Bob Hale dress. Looks like you’re trying for the “mutton dressed as lamb” look – I guess you’re what, 45, 46? It looks really whorish.

  2. cdm February 17, 2009 at 3:12 PM Reply

    Nice one, Jackie. I don’t think I have ever been called a tubby whorish mutton before, I think that is a first.;) I’ll pass your comment on to my makeup artist, he will be thrilled.

  3. pauly d February 17, 2009 at 7:42 PM Reply

    Who the hell is this “Jackie” broad?
    I’d love to critique her pix….please post Jackie, thanks!
    Uncle Paul-no more choc chip cookies

  4. Mare February 17, 2009 at 9:16 PM Reply

    Cookies? Did somebody say cookies? I gather we are not talking about 100 calorie packs here. *Sigh*

    CD, thanks for posting about a subject that many women deal with alone. Weight and the whole up and down roller coaster ride some of us go through with it can be such a sore subject. I applaud your being open about it and sharing. For what it’s worth, you may have gained some weight, but you are no less stylish and beautiful than you ever were. Hot is hot and beauty is beauty and girlfriend, you have *it.*

    I’m on the whole workout and weight loss kick myself. I’m on week seven and my arms are so sore that I am in pain just typing this to you, lol. Flabby over 40 women unite! We *can* get back to firm, fine and kick ass condition although I am still not sure my almost 42 yr. old self should be wearing the bridesmaid’s dress I must wear this August, but I digress.

    Anyway, to heck with Valerie & Phylicia and let’s hear it for CDM, Mare, and anyone else out there fighting the good fight and getting back on the fitness band wagon. I’m over here on the other side of this screen cheering for you and trying to kick some ass (mine) and take some names myself.

    Hang in there and stay strong!

  5. Birdie Bird February 18, 2009 at 10:19 AM Reply

    Give me a break. You look like a million bucks. We should all look so freakin’ good. Besides, you’ve always got plenty of sparkly stuff to wear, so no one is looking at your mid-section, anyway.

  6. Marie February 21, 2009 at 8:52 PM Reply

    CD, it takes a lot of guts to openly lament the fact that you don’t like the way you look and post the incriminating evidence. Regardless of a few extra pounds, you’ve always been one of the most stunning, stylish people I know. More important, you’re a NICE person. You’re funny, outgoing, and kind. More than I can say for some others around here.

  7. Jenn March 19, 2009 at 12:53 PM Reply

    I loved your post. I am in the same place right now. I am 20 pounds away from when I gave birth to my daughter 13 years ago! I lost it all about 5 years ago got back down to under 120 and now gained it all back. I have been on a diet since the end of Dec. 08 and have not lost 10 pounds. My husband has lost more than 10 pounds on my diet-he is not dieting folks! I cut out pop and my love for sugary cereal, added more veggies and a slim-fast shake. Have not lost anything for weeks. I hate it. I hate trying on clothes in this size knowing that I can lose it so why not buy the next smaller size??? I am 33 now, two kids who are 10 and 13 and one husband is will be 38 this year. It is just the over the 30 thing that is getting me??? Or is it that I lived a hard life as a teenager and now my real age is 60 because of it.

    Thank you for letting me vent on your blog!

  8. Jenn March 19, 2009 at 12:55 PM Reply

    OK my post made it sound like I was 140 or so, no in Dec. 08 I weighed over 60 pounds, I weighed over 175 pounds when I had my daughter.
    Just had to clear that up…I am officially over weight and almost obese.

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