We don’t have any. Clearly we need to do something with our ‘garden’ if you could even call it that, but let’s look past that into the house color, shall we? Here is the unassuming front of the house:
exterior front bungalow
Then the side down the driveway which is in desperate need of help as well, keep looking past, keep looking past:
front side bungalow
Then the back, son in my cowboy hat from when I wrangled.;)
side back bungalow
And now onto the deck, with my disheveled daughter saying ‘CHEEEEEEEEESE!’
deck bungalow

I show you this last pic not only because she is ridiculously cute even when disheveled, but I ask that you notice the color of the sash in the window to the left. It is Evergreen from Marvin and it is staying. So all the sashes will be this green, the closest paint match I can find is Roycroft Bottle Green from Sherwin Williams.

So what color scheme do I go with? I like this, yellow walls, green trim with cream trim and a red door. But the door is so sunken you can hardly even see the color on it. And the doors in the rear are glass with cream colored trim.
historic house colors bungalow This photo is courtesy of where he has some awesome photos of exterior color schemes for houses. Advice anyone? Bueler? Bueler?

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  1. casacaudill May 28, 2009 at 2:41 PM Reply

    I really like that color scheme. I’m also a fan of the sage/aubergine combos that were popular when our houses were built. Here’s a great flickr pool devoted to bungalows around the country – lots of great examples here:

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