I can’t get enough of these two on Dancing with the Stars:

apolo anton ohno

The first time I watched it (yes, I rewound and watched it twice, get over it) I couldn’t even look at him, I was SO focused on her. She is such a doll, and what was that outfit?! Basically a leotard with dangly sparkly bits! She was HOT! The hair I could have done without. I can’t help wondering if they are hittin it. Clearly they should be.;) He is such a great dancer, who knew?! Although I really would like to hold him down and shave off that thing on his chin. I know that is his look, but it bugs me. He is so adorable, then you have that stuff on his chin. I guess I really am an old fart. And people have to have their own looks. Just like when I say to Ethan, ‘your pants are on backwards’ and he says ‘that’s my look.’ The kid is 4 and a half and he has a ‘look’ already, oh excuse me.;)

My husband can’t get enough of this look:

Dancing with the stars

Girlfriend is WORKIN that cleavage.  He perks up whenever she is on, cracks me up.

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