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That would be 12 weeks 1 day 13 hours and 45 minutes ago.;) She is doing wonderfully, we are all doing great. She is napping right now IN HER CRIB! which is why I am writing right now… typically she naps on mommy with her nose shoved right up against my booby. I guess she wants to know that it isn’t going anywhere fercryinoutloud.

I am working on a bunch of stuff, many projects. One is the new ‘Scarlett’ collection named after aforementioned baby of course. Another is losing this baby weight. Ethan, man of truth that he is, said to me that my butt jiggled like Carl’s from Jimmy Neutron… I present to you Carl:

Carl Wheezer, mommy's butt

last name Wheezer… I can’t find a photo of his backside which is a blessing. But momma needs to get going to shrink the buttocks area as that is NOT where the baby came from. Other factoids that point to momma needing to get going on this exercise program brought to us again by my darling almost 5 year old Ethan, ‘Mommy how come your belly is getting smaller but your butt isn’t?’ Gem, isn’t he?;)

Princess Poopy Pants is rustling, must go tend to the royal diaper.;)


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  1. Kim - Twin Strollers September 9, 2009 at 6:40 PM Reply

    Why are posts like this written – without further followup? Don’t you feel like we are left hanging?

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