What can I say, I love this store.

Wandered in yesterday to return some Dash and Albert rug samples I had borrowed for a client’s house.  And every time I go in I spy something new.  I had seen this wingback chair previously but I hadn’t yet recognized the genius of it… that my friends is a slipcover!  Let me tell you the problem with nicely upholstered furniture, inevitably stuff gets on it.  No matter what you do, somebody is going to smear their raspberry jam fingers on it, somebody furry is going to jump on it, somebody is going to spill coffee on it… it will happen, trust me.  The beauty of a slipcover is that you throw that baby in the wash when that happens.  Let your kids play XBox while eating pizza in the living room, let the dog jump all over the furniture, let your girlfriends bring their red wine into the living room, hell have a sangria while you are at it.;)  I am having a love affair with the wingback, and I don’t think I had ever seen a slipcovered one.  Love it.

And the bag, gorgeous!  I loves me patterned fabric and tote bags, this one has the most beautiful lining and Barbara says they are practically indestructible.

slipcovered wingback chair

can’t decide which I want more, the slipcovered wingback or that amazing bag!

Here is another bag by the same designer, might be too florally for me to carry regularly but it is a great shape and style.

Here is another style of that same bag designer

Love the handles on this bag

Then I spied this bust of Thomas Jefferson and he found his way home with me.  It’s OK, he’s no stranger, I can bring him home.;)

Thomas Jefferson bust

at $22 and change this guy came home with me;)

Have an amazing weekend!

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