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I received the most wonderful gift for Christmas this year, a Keurig single brew coffee machine, IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE.;)
keurig platinum single brew coffee machine
Seriously. There are a whole bunch of reasons why this thing is so perfect, let’s discuss, shall we?

1) It makes THE BEST cup of coffee, piping hot, yummy, the BEST.

2) It is so damn convenient! You just pop in a coffee cartridge thing and push the button and you have a cup of coffee, and did I mention it was THE BEST coffee? See point 1.

3) It is so fast! As long as you have a clean coffee cup, you will have a cup of seriously good coffee in a minute! A MINUTE! No prep, no clean up, no coffee grounds. The only thing I have to do is occasionally rinse out my coffee cup as all the coffee cups in the house are dirty because all I am drinking lately is coffee.;)

4) The variety of coffee available is daunting! You have a bazillion choices in these little coffee cartridge thingees, they call them K-cups. You can do a cup of Kona coffee from Tully’s, or a cup of Hazelnut coffee from Gloria Jean’s, you can even to Hot Chocolate from Ghiradelli’s! And I just ordered some Jazzed Up Decaf Coffee from Emeril as there are a few people in the house concerned with my caffeine intake since receiving this lovely gift.;)
Emiril's coffee K-cup

5) The marketing of this thing is brilliant. Marketing alone deserves its own bullet points, stay with me people.

a) First of all, you can buy one of these ANYWHERE. Fancy department store, Costco, drug store, office supply store, etc. I’m pretty sure you can even get one at your local gas station. They are everywhere.

b) The price point is so reasonable! I think the MSRP is $169, but who pays that? They have them at Costco for $149 with a boatload of K-cups included. And I just saw one at CVS priced at $99, and when you apply like 18 coupons and use your Extra Care Bucks (ECBs to those also addicted) you can get this thing for like $5 out of pocket, am I right people?!;)

c) Here is the REALLY brilliant piece of the Keurig people’s marketing scheme. The K-Cups. You start using this thing and you have to have more more and more K-Cups. Give me more, I must have more, I can’t run out, I need my fix… The brilliant people at Keurig get you to register your machine to join their coffee club which will give you discounts on the much needed K-Cups. Do you think my Emeril Decaf has arrived yet? Must check front door. Nope, not here yet. Back to the brilliance that is Keurig, so now the Keurig people have all your info and can recommend more stuff you ‘need’ and get this, you can set up an auto delivery of K-Cups, ensuring you NEVER EVER RUN OUT!!!!!!!!!

Keurig is German, right? Smart peeps those Germans, although I am just the teensiest bit worried as I can see this thing running the world some day.


Now. There is one big downside to this Keurig business. It is especially big for me as we live in Northern California and my children talk to me daily about how I should turn off the lights and not use as much paper and ‘mommy, that is compostable’ in any and all attempts to save the environment. And the people who made the inspiring movie WALLl-E (Pixar for those of you that live under a rock or in areas of the country where the lights are always left on) are right down the road. And some of those lovely and might I say brilliant Pixar people buy my jewelry, and, and, and well it is important.

The K-Cups are not recyclable. You can rip off the top and recycle the tin foil bit, you can pour out the coffee grounds and compost them or feed them to your garden. But the little plastic part that makes up the bulk of the brilliant K-Cup, NOT RECYCLABLE, not good. They include a self fillable K-Cup thing that you can fill with your own coffee and re-use. But then there goes some of that wonderful convenience.

To do my part (mommy, that is not good for the earth) I am coming up with ways in which to re-use the K-Cups. They are black and white, so the colors are neutral and easy to work with.;) My first project will most likely be some type of crazy disco ball thing made up entirely of white K-Cups. You think I am kidding, trust me, I am NOT. And when I am done, you will think it the most gorgeous thing. They would also make great little containers in which to store teeny tiny things, like gemstones;) or nuts and bolts or Legos! Projects number 2 and 3, a K-Cup organizer thingee for the man shed and a K-Cup sorter thing for my 7 year old’s ever expanding Lego collection!

As you can see the possibilities are endless. And I’m sure they have a completely recyclable K-Cup in the works. But until then, I have my glue gun in hand, OOOOH, and some glitter might really work on my disco ball!

Hubby is telling me I need to figure out where my Emeril’s Decaf is, NOW. So go run buy your own Keurig, the thing will change your life. You might want to get some Decaf K-Cups in the same purchase, just a suggestion.;)

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  1. Uncle Paul January 3, 2010 at 9:39 AM Reply

    Dear fellow addict,
    I think your Emeril “Bam” decaf blend arrived at your doorstep yesterday….
    K-Cup discoball????? You are bizarre Sister!!!!!

  2. Uncle Paul January 3, 2010 at 9:41 AM Reply

    BTW, made me need a fix just reading that article; must fire up Keurig immediately. Have you ever thought about being their PR person? ….just sayin’

  3. Hip, modern wedding photography | Kim Sayre May 10, 2010 at 5:25 PM Reply

    Obsessed! I have the cute little red number, and I am seriously over caffienated these days! Perhaps we’ll have to make a photo booth out of k-cups!!!!

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