Yes, my family is spending the summer in Las Vegas.  It’s a long story, but the short version is it’s freakin hot here.  Slightly longer version is that my handsome husband came home one day and said ‘we should buy a condo in Las Vegas’ to which I replied ‘do you have a girlfriend there or something?’  The idea of it sounded completely bonkers, but it is one of the best decisions we have made.  When we bought it the place was entirely white and you know we can’t have that, so I redesigned the place and it is now stunning, but of course.;)

Here is the bedroom before we did anything to it:


All surfaces were white and according to my kids who came to see the place with us the dude that lived there was a slob. Their words, not mine.  One of my main design challenges was these ginormous columns that support the building.  The condo building is called the Veer towers and the buildings do in fact Veer.  Holding up all that Veering are these big ass columns.  But we will get into how I handled those monsters later.  This is the bedroom after we had finished some painting and Maverick is taking a test nap on the blow up bed.


And here it is finished:

CM BedR3xF copy

There are a million things I like about this bedroom, one is the mix of metals.  The entire place is a mix of stainless, gold, silver and bronze.  The trick is to maintain balance.  One of the other things I LOVE that we did are the hanging pendant lights.  There were not holes in the ceiling for those, so I just bought a mess of chain from Home Depot and hubby rewired to change my pendant lights into ones you could plug into the wall.  They are plugged in behind the nightstands.

Here is a great shot of the hanging Pendant lights:

CM BedR4xF copy

And here is the opposite wall to the bed after the poor dude my kid’s dubbed a slob vacated and I moved in:

CM BedR5xF copy

The place is just a teeny tiny bit messier with the four (five including the dog) of us living here this summer… but I can always look back at these pictures if I forget how pretty it is supposed to be.

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