I am on the hunt for a machine washable area rug runner for my newly renovated open kitchen/living/dining/everything room. The floor guy is coming today to put the final clear coat on the floor which means tomorrow I can bring in the dining room table!

You can’t grasp how monumental this is until you understand that two out of the four Mader family members have been standing to eat dinners for months. We only have two counter stools and are constantly playing musical chairs to decide which lucky family members get to SIT TO EAT DINNER! And if you get up from your seat, fugetaboutit, you’re done. You lose your seat and have to stand. Although I do try to help the 15 year old boy to win musical chairs as often as possible as it is hard enough for him to hit his face while seated much less standing.

Which brings us to the need for a runner that is WASHABLE. I don’t want to spot clean, rinse, vacuum… I want to pick this sucker up and put it into my washing machine to ensure it gets whatever grossness out of it we track onto it. Dirt from outside, food from aforementioned 15 year old, and don’t get me started on pet nonsense, please! I NEED something I can wash.

I’m hesitant to even put an area rug in the kitchen in front of the sink, in front of the range. This thing is going to see some action. But the room is in desperate need of some soft surfaces… everything in there is hard. And sometimes harder is not better (sorry mom, you raised me, deal with it). We need some softness to absorb the sounds in there. The poor dog has been so traumatized by the echoing sounds in our enormous kitchen my vet says he is suffering from renovation anxiety. It’s a thing!

Back to the runners! One of my go to places for rugs is Dash & Albert, beautiful designs, well made, well priced and their flat weave rugs are machine washable! Here is a Dash & Albert runner in our Vegas pad, crappy shot I took. I have professional pics somewhere. I dream of someday having an assistant who will organize me, but until then this is all I got!

That particular runner has been discontinued, why I don’t know. It is so beautiful, I LOOOOVE it. Here are a couple of my top contenders for the echoing kitchen space from Dash & Albert:

Dash & Albert striped runner

Dash & Albert striped cotton runner rug

At some point I will figure out how to post a pic from another website via this phone app… yet another task for my non-existent assistant.

Another source for washable rugs is Ruggable, found via a google search for washable cotton runner rugs. These are 2 part rugs, the bottom is a rug pad and the top is a removable rug that you can throw into the washing machine. Here are a couple I am thinking about:

Ruggable floral runner

Ruggable suzani runner

The entire space is white, stainless, gold, black and grey… so I need to decide if I want to interject color in the runners OR continue on the low key neutral path I am on currently. Let’s take bets on how long it will take me to figure it out.;)

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