Today was a big day for CDM, we were on TV!  Not me, but my jewelry.  I am doing this Appel and Frank show on September 14th, and Karen and Jody aka Appel and Frank were on the View from the Bay today on abc.  I met Jody yesterday to drop off some jewelry knowing that it might not make it onto the show, but I have learned that you just need to keep putting your stuff out there until something sticks, so why not give it a shot?  Ethan came with me to meet Jody as preschool is conveniently closed this week although no one bothered to mention that little fact to me until we arrived lunchbox in hand on Tuesday only to be greeted by teachers all aflutter cleaning and readying the joint for the ‘start’ of the preschool school year next week.  I tried to pimp Ethan out as another pair of hands to clean, but unfortunately they have witnessed his cleaning skills first hand and said ‘thanks but no thanks.’

So Ethan met Jody, told me repeatedly she was pretty and then we hit Nordies so that we could argue over the color of shoes he would buy.  He wanted fuschia, I clearly did not.  I mean we do live in San Francisco, but his daddy would have a fit if I brought him home in fuschia shoes.  Of course they would match his floral print Le Sport Sak.;)

Le Sport Sak to the Warriors Game

Don’t knock it till you try it, the kid can carry his own snacks which in my book is a very good thing!

Blah, blah, blah, JEWELRY!  When the segment started I was so stoked to see Karen in my big bold necklace, she was working it!  I am doing these long necklaces with big gold chain links dripping in bling and finished with a large white coral branch.  The mix of the earthiness of the white coral with the sparkliness of the gemstones really gets me excited right now.  And the style is really killer and so versatile, you can wrap it around and around or wear it super long.Â

So anyway, they start talking about…, well you can watch the video clip, but they showcased lots of stuff and none of it was jewelry.  I was like well, whatever, they looked good and the event sounds so good I can’t wait to do it now and all of a sudden the host, Janell Wang, says ‘OH!  I almost forgot to ask you about your BLING!’  Jody says that everything they have on is from local designers, and Karen says that her necklace is by Carrie Mader wild applause!;) and then Jody pulls out one of my gift boxes and says to the host that these are for her!  She was so excited!  I was so excited!  They got a closeup of my jewelry box, and as she opened it up the earrings sparkled like crazy.Â

It was a very nice small screen debut for my jewelry.  Oh and Ethan thinks Jody looked really good on TV but she needed fuschia shoes.;)

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