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After we finish our upstairs bathroom we are pretty much done with our house… although I have never felt our master bedroom was totally finished, it needs pattern, texture, something.  I was down there this morning saying I thought the bedroom needed some work expecting the typical rolled eyes from hubby and he agreed with me!  And get this, I want to put some hot pink in there and he is totally down with it!

So, here is the bedroom, I didn’t even bother to get it all picked up before these pictures:


The bedroom layout is like a T, with a nook to the left and the right of the head of the bed… here is the nook to the right:

bedroom nook

And the nook to the left,

bedroom nook

Then here are the walls on either side of the bed:

I’m really tired of those stars, they just aren’t working there, never have but I got tired of dealing.  Sconces are eh as well, maybe if I put some new crystals on there instead of those glass droplet things, and some new shades?  Dunno.

Wall to right, same as wall to left:

And finally, the wall facing the bed, maybe I should hang that mirror long ways up and down, might make the walls seem taller:

I have long wanted to do panels with wallpaper in them on the walls with the sconces a la Maison21:

chinoiserie wallpaper panels

Panel with sconce:

chinoiserie wallpaper panel with sconce

If I panel the walls with the sconces, what do I do with the other walls?  Do I care about the nook walls?  Do I panel the mirror wall and just hang the mirror on top of the panel?  What about above the headboard, panel?  Does every panel need to have wallpaper?  Let’s discuss.:D

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