Happy New Year!;)



I took a wee break from blogging, too many things going on in life!

The biggest news is that we are expecting a girl in May and we couldn’t be more excited. Although it does throw things into a tizzy! We are renovating our ‘closet’ into her ‘nursery’, the space is a teeny bit larger than 4×6 and has a window so shut up already about how I am putting my daughter in the closet and when will she come out. Closet, not nursery, get it straight.

Ethan continues to be a very inquisitive peach. He is excited about the baby, most excited about being able to have someone else to ‘tell what to do.’ Although he has no idea how this baby will rock his very self centered world, oh well, we will all deal.;) And he is fascinated with the baby growing inside me. We have books and have watched some discovery channel stuff on ‘in the womb’, fascinating. He knows that mommy and daddy got together and decided to have another baby and daddy gave the sperm (like in a cup or something) to mommy and that mommy had the egg already, and the sperm and the egg joined together and made the baby. Every other day he asks me ‘but how did it get IN THERE?’ And I continue to be flummoxed with how to answer that one. I am not ready to divulge the exact delivery method, he is free to imagine daddy carrying his sperm around in a cup and handing it to mommy for as long as I can make that one work.

And he is very excited about the birth itself, how does it work, where, when, who… and he continually asks me in the middle of the frozen foods aisle very LOUDLY ‘when does the baby come out of your VA-GIN-NAHHHH. I must have some facial reaction that lets him on to the fact that I am embarrassed and that just increases the volume and frequency of that question.

So life is good and crazy as ever!


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