I hate my front door.  The Brady Bunch called, they are missing a door and two mustard glass side panels, blech.

I like the color but not much else

Husband, always the practical one, says just paint it black and be done with it.  Sorry, paint can’t solve those modular 70s inset panel thingees, belch.  Or the groovy glass side lights:

who ever thought this was a good look?

And then on the inside I replaced the foyer light with this steal from when Home Expo was going out of business, and of course now I don’t like it.  Which proves another one of my husband’s theories ‘don’t buy something just cause it is on sale.’  Don’t tell him, but he was r i g h t this time.  I can’t even say the word, had to spell it out.  Here is aforementioned light fixture:

eh, better than what was there before

You can’t really see it, but the glass is amber colored.  I wonder if I replaced that it might help things.  I’ve also wondered if I painted or glittered the part that holds the glass it might help… but at some point it is just like lipstick on a pig.  What is REALLY bugging me is that I purchased it and now I want something else like this:

Hollywood Glam via Lamps Plus

But I’m already $70 into the other light and a crystal beauty is just not in the budget AND to get something else I would have to admit to hubby I was w r o n g.  That pig would have to grow wings and fly if you know what I mean.;)

So.  I will focus on the door and sidelights.  I am headed to one of my favorite places for old junk today, Urban Ore in Berkeley, I always find some treasure there.  Today I will try to focus on doors, although I have heard that simply replacing a door without also replacing the frame is difficult… but how hard can it be really?  Measuring my front door so we know what we are dealing with… wish me luck!

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