Oh geez, I’m officially not with it.

I am attempting to revive my interior design career and in order to do that these days you need social media. Fine. I have lots of pictures of my work, and all kinds of other nonsense;) But it’s more than pictures. You need to compress those pics. You need to edit those pics. You need to hashtag those pics. Huh? I’ve just stopped calling this symbol: # the pound sign. ‘It’s a hashtag, Mom’ said with the eye rolling tone of a mocking teenager.

I’m fine with posting any and all info about myself on the internet. If you are reading, I’m divulging!;) So I have this old photo of myself when I was a senior in high school, captain of the cheerleaders even though I had no idea what was happening on the football field. But is this pic a Throwback Thursday photo or a Flashback Friday photo? And who comes up with this stuff? And do I need to wait till my kids get home from school to really figure it out before I finish this blog post or do I just throw caution to the wind? The worst thing that can happen is that they will laugh at me. Happens every day already, so here goes.

CDM cheerleader in high school

I thought I had cropped it already, but somehow it ain’t cropped… so next time I will investigate. Lookit those cherub cheeks!;)

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