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2008 has certainly kicked off with a bang.  Just finished the second of two bridal shows yesterday and am I BEAT!  They were amazing shows.  The Ritz Carlton and the Four Seasons, not too shabby.  I had an amazing time and got some great feedback from brides.  It is so great to meet brides face to face to talk about weddings and jewelry and wedding dresses, makes me want to get married all over again!  Here is a shot of our booth at the Ritz:

booth at the Ritz

Hubby had this idea to do roses with my takeaway card tied to them, it was brilliant on so many levels.  Gave me a reason to chat people up, I am not good with just pushing myself on strangers.  ‘Would you like a rose?’  Who doesn’t want a rose?  He comes up with good ideas every once in a while.;)

And here is our booth at the Four Seasons:

four seasons
As I was frantically setting up the morning of the show the event coordinator came over to me and said ‘oh the woman with the booth next to yours has the stomach flu and won’t be showing up, you can use her space as well.’  I must have jumped up and down before realizing that I was elated over someone else’s suffering and I contained myself.  I threw another drape over the extra table and spread out a bit and off we went!

It was fabulous, here is a post about it at www.weddingbee.com, they have some pics as well.  Like a moron I forgot to get more pics.  Although I did snag myself a chocolate martini and some samples from cocoabella.   Can you imagine a chocolate with hazelnuts and corn nuts?  They are out of this world, the salty of the corn nuts mixed with the smooth chocolate, heaven.

Must go find chocolate.  Nite nite.;)

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